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Private tribes wanted

December 31, 2003

Om Malik’s Broadband Blog: My Network, My Way!

The question I have is: why the F**K should I share my network of contacts with these commercial entities. They are like BlogSpot that does nothing for my brand equity and in many ways chews me out after making the network connections. Thus what I want is a “Movable Type” of social networking. Blogs took off because it was about one person – me. My social networks should be of my making for me. Lets figure out a way to cut out the middlemen.

Ideas for useful social software

December 31, 2003

Social Software ideas | A Whole Lotta Features

Some theory about core groups

December 31, 2003

Art Kleiner: Core Group Therapy

It's not just the Internet, stupid

December 29, 2003

At The Blogging of the President: 2004, Sterling Newberry points out that if it were just a matter of Internet presence, Kucinich would be a contender in the presidential nomination race.

A group is its own worst enemy

December 28, 2003

Shirky: A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy
(A Clay Shirky keynote from O’Reilly Emerging Tech conference last April.)

Evaluating social software services

December 28, 2003

Christopher Allen compares Friendster, Ryze, LinkedIn,, and a few other misc. services in his Life with Alacrity blog. He also has a more extensive followup to his earlier post with some comments from others.

Some new people leads

December 28, 2003

My brother gave me the name of a person at Partnership for Parks in NY who worked on green-grassroots efforts there and has some stories to tell about what worked and what didn’t.
My friend at Yahoo tells me that Yahoo Personals is one of the companies big moneymaking successes and that has about 40% of the market and YP has about 35% and the rest have single digits. He says he can put me in touch with the person in charge of Yahoo personals, as well as someone who deals with Yahoo Groups, which seem to be the first choice of a lot of grassroots organizers as a very quick and easy way to set up a mailing list, archive, database, and list of files and links.
Finally, I need to follow up again with Ed Cone. I know we’re now talking about me not using a coauthor so I need to go back and see if he really doesn’t have the time to help out, as he implied might be the case.
I haven’t heard from Danielle yet, btw, so I don’t know whether a financial offer has been extended to me yet from Sybex.
I’ve been spending the last few days sorting through names and sending out preliminary contact messages. I’m aware that I have a chapter due Tuesday, and as long as I can get a grip on what the overall message of the book is (I’m still not really sure what is the essence of what works for community organizing and what doesn’t, or what it all boils down to), I don’t see a problem getting a draft of the short-ish (10 pp. +) first chapter in by then.

Santa blogs

December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas! Naturally, Santa has a weblog: Santa’s Blog. adds social networking

December 24, 2003

the bubble gets bigger [ Links]

More Dean hype

December 24, 2003

Wired 12.01: How the Internet Invented Howard Dean