How would you tag yourself?

The Blog Blog answers Jeff Jarvis’s question (“How would you tag yourself?”):

That’s a tough question. So far all I can up with is watches TV, seems sort of high, A Jewish Lexington Steele, hungry, snowflake (I used to teach high school in Brooklyn), and Gina’s husband… But in the new world, I guess I had better tag myself before my shrink does it for me.

what’s the technorati syntax for tagging this post as related to ? …also, do i keep using categories and add technorati tags …and and where do delicious and flickr fit in? …and …and …and finally, note the decay in value as i failed to link to splendora.

One Response to “How would you tag yourself?”

  1. Ted Says:

    William Gibson, in Idoru, talked about us all having our own personal icon(s)to identify us on the Web. Maybe tags will come with icons.

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