Post early and often

Duncan Riley from the Blog Herald has it right. Some the best ways to drive up blog traffic are to post in (or before) the morning (for your main audience) and post frequently.

3 Responses to “Post early and often”

  1. Doug Wiken Says:

    Hey, I figured this out over a year ago when I was playing with Salons Radio blogs on the free few days test trial. Timing was everything….well not moving up the list from the bottom of views to well maybe third from bottom.
    I might still be using Salon blog if they waren’t so damn stubborn about NOT putting in any obvious link to their blogs in the SALON menu. Seemed to me they could put that 1/4 x 1/2 inch of screen space for a “BLOGS” button without the world coming to an end.
    But, what does a farmer know?

  2. filchyboy Says:

    Doug there has been a link to the Salon Blogs site on the front page of Salon ever since launch.

  3. Doug Wiken Says:

    / News & Politics / Opinion / Tech & Business / R&E / Books / Life / Comics / Audio / Dialogue/
    That is text on the images on the menu bar immediately under Salon Premium Logo. Converting “Tech & Business” to “Tech & Biz” would have allowed room for “Blogs”
    I know there have been links to Scott R’s blog and after a year or so, “Blogs” was added to the bottom of the page of TT where most Table Talkers never see it.

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