I am not Craig

Twice in the past two days I’ve been mistaken for Craig Newmark. It’s kinda flattering in a way. Maybe he and I share a sense of style?
xian not craig craig not xian

4 Responses to “I am not Craig”

  1. Bill Cassel Says:

    Surely there’s some way you can exploit this resemblance for personal gain?

  2. jennifer Says:

    Whoa! I’ve known you your whole life and even I had to do a double take. Plus think about it, your first names both start with C. Hmmm wonder what that means…..

  3. Frances M. Says:

    Seems to me you have a bit more hair left… imagine if Craig was despised (instead of respected) as say, Bill Gates, in the software world, what would you do then?

  4. Jim Goldstein Says:

    The good news is you’re not Pete Rose… the bad news is you look like Craig Newmark. Then again maybe you can work this to your advantage and become a Silicon Valley impersonator for parties.

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