My new job

Well, I promised to spill the beans as soon as I could and since I’m here in the office today at Extractable, I guess it’s safe to go public.
I’m not sure what my exact title is or will be. It might be senior information architect, or strategist, or content monkey, or whatever, but I’ll be doing what I always do – sorting out user interfaces and making the information design of web sites and software applications more sensible and intuitive for users, and planning and implementing content-management solutions.
The crew at Extractable is very cool. Smart folks, friendly, hard working (although I hear rumors about parties on Fridays), and an impressive client list.
Back to work for me, but more about the new gig when I have time to report back.

8 Responses to “My new job”

  1. Frances M. Says:

    X-tract-able you, congratulations, kick plenty of user-interface rear!

  2. filchyboy Says:

    Congrats Christian!

  3. Duncan Riley Says:


  4. cecil vortex Says:

    and more congrats!

  5. Charlie Tan Says:

    Hello Christian
    Best wishes…Be In touch…

  6. gwen Says:


  7. Kathy Says:

    Congrats! Since I’m interested in intersections among blogging, storytelling, career, and such, I’ve just written about your search in my blog ( I’d like to ask — to what extent did posting in your blog about your need for a job and what you could offer play a role in securing your new job? Thanks.

  8. Geodog Says:

    Hey Xian,
    Congratulations. Sorry you couldn’t get paid to do progressive politics, but those gigs are hard to find.
    I was gonna suggest lunch sometime, but just saw that you are in San Mateo — prob not, since I am working in Berkeley. Maybe catch you at the Berkeley Cybersalon?
    Tim “fellow corporate employee”

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