BlogHer launches group weblog

The BlogHer organizers have relaunched their website as an aggregated group weblog (these seem to be all the rage these days: BlogHer [beta] | Where the women bloggers are.
It looks like a cool site, well worth reading and the stream of blog posts definitely adds more value than simply promoting the conference, which is also in and of itself a cool thing (at least the first one, last year, was, and I expect this year’s follow up to be just as good) but isn’t quite as “sticky” as website content once you’ve signed up to attend.
I imagine there’s a small risk of alienating newer women bloggers and reinforcing the idea that there’s a clique or inner circle that is featured, but an open policy for inclusion should help mitigate that risk.

One Response to “BlogHer launches group weblog”

  1. Elisa Camahort Says:

    Hi Xian, thanks for pointing to our new site. Rest assured women are listing their blogs left and right…and as one of the folks moving them through the queue I can tell you that I don’t know personally most of these blogs or bloggers, and that being part of any group, clique or circle is not a prerequisite to getting on board.
    And our guidelines for inclusion are here:
    See you at BlogHer 🙂

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