Conceding the death of trackback

I held out long after all the cool kids had given up on trackback but I haven’t gotten a useful one since Prentiss Riddle pinged me about SXSW panel proposals and a trackback spam attack today finally convinced me to turn it off for all the blogs hosted at Mediajunkie.
Ironically, this post will try to send a trackback ping to Is trackback dead? Are comments on life support? @ Radio Free Blogistan but it will be refused.
Speaking of things that are dead, this blog is also pretty much dead.
Unless someone out there feels like blogging regularly about blogging, I am putting this weblog on deathwatch notice and will eventually transition it to an archive that points to my personal blog.

One Response to “Conceding the death of trackback”

  1. Rayne Says:

    How far along are we on the deathwatch, xian?
    I think the next 6 weeks may see a resurgence of blogging on blogging, have a big squib in the pipeline right now.
    If you’re okay with it, I’ll post it here. Y/N?

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