User experience is not about brands, is it?

Peterme fights the good fight in Experience design is not about brands at the AP blog, defending “experience” jargon from the grasping advertising types.

One Response to “User experience is not about brands, is it?”

  1. 4 Cubes from you Says:

    Why does “Experience” as a proper-noun, belong to the online/UI world?
    While I agree with the argument as an advocate of the online/UI world, a further-step out makes me ask this question.
    Good design as it pertains to anything, is an experience for the user. What kind of an experience it is, is up to whomever crafts the experience, and what their goals are. If getting a user psyched about a brand by pushing all of the right cognitive buttons, why is that lesser of an achievement than the more noble “making it easier for the user” cause?
    I’ve heard the word “experience” used successfully in both arguments- tho usually with branding, it’s clearly worded as “brand experience design” or “brand experience,” and not as “experience design”
    BTW: your scrolling div here totally sucks. It’s 1 column of a 2 column grid, and seems a bit short. Not terribly usable… ? {{ducking}} 😀

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