Million-dollar product ideas

Here’s three ideas for products that will make you millions if you can figure out how to manufacture and sell them:

  1. Self-disentangling (or non-tangling) iPod earbud cords
  2. Ear grease cleaner for mobile phones
  3. A remote that mutes the TV as it turns on its power.

Send me a thank you note when you make your first million.

2 Responses to “Million-dollar product ideas”

  1. Cecil Vortex Says:

    add to this the wireless recharger system I’ve been waiting for so I can transmit energy straight to my laptop/cell/ipod etc w/out having to plug the thing in.
    I will also accept solar powered laptop/phone/ipod etc as a different means to the same end.
    Or nuclear powered laptops/phones/ipods that come with enough energy onboard to last a (half)lifetime.

  2. xian Says:

    I’ve thought about that wireless-power idea, since it sometimes feels like the last remaining umbilicus in this age of always-on broadband wifi.
    But… (and it’s a big butt), I’m not sure I like the idea of beams of energy zapping through my body on the way to my laptop – even if it were possible in physics.
    The solar power sounds nicer (and less meltdown-y than the nukes).

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