SXSW namedropping, day two

Met (and saw) fewer new people today, but spent time with some of the same folks from yesterday, and hung out a lot with Ted and Kirsten:
* [Kiersten Lammerding]( (got a better link k-lo?)
* KD / Kristy (klo’s friend from the evil empire)
* [Ted Nadeau](
* [Robert Scoble](
* [Chris Messina](
* Christina Wodtke, heard in Las Manitas
* Kirsten Thoft, no link but spent time with
* Adina Levin, spotted from across the crowd waiting for the secret elevator to overload floor 3
* Bruce Sterling, saw but don’t know
* [Kaliya Hamlin](
* [Laura Fisher](

2 Responses to “SXSW namedropping, day two”

  1. Chris Messina Says:

    Hey Christian, good to see you again. Remember that time walking around in NYC? Yeah, those were the days. 😉

  2. klo Says:

    klo’s friend from the evil empire is ‘KD’ or more formally Kristy.

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