SXSW namedropping, day five

Last day of interactive. Laughingsquid party at Ginger Man by far the best of the whole session.
* [Laura Moncur](
* [Michael Moncur](
* [Michael Sippey](
* [Christina Wodtke](
* [Scott Allen](
* [Gordon Luk](
* [Justin Hall](
* [Ernie Hsieng](
* [Kevin Cheng](
* [Min Jung Kim](
* [Jason Hoffman](
* [Jenifer Hanen](
* [Tantek Çelik](
* [Heather Schlegel](
* [Matt Mullenweg](
* [Nicole Lee](
* [Glenda Bautista](
* [Scott Beale](
* [Eric Steuer](
* [Gabe Rivera](
* [Violet Blue](
* [Phil Torrone](
* [Silona Bonewald](
* [Rex Sorgatz](
* [Chuck Olsen](
* [Raines Cohen](
* [Colin Brumelle](
* [someone from Project Opus who doesn’t have a name on their business card](
* [Brian Oberkirch](
* [Tara Hunt](
* [Tony Pierce](
* [Hugh McLeod](
* forgot from BarTab, Monday night, [Gino Zahnd ](

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