Things to done

* Get salad greens and heirloom tomatoes at the farmer’s market at Splash Pad park
* Work out with B at the gym
* Drop off shirts at the cleaner
* Start laundry
* Make pizza and salad
* Fix problem with misdirected payments to writer client
* See Michael Clayton
* Have a nightcap of Balvenie
* Move remaining to-do’s to Sunday or Not This Weekend
* Make coffee, squeeze juice, scramble eggs, toast bagels, serve lox
* Skim the tv listings for TiVo
* Try (and fail) to get a haircut
* Coordinate move of East Bay for Democracy website
* Catch up on food diary
* Finish laundry
* Go into SF, deYoung museum, dinner at D & P’s

2 Responses to “Things to done”

  1. xifer Says:

    Saw Michael Clayton myself last night. Thought it was excellent-how about you?

  2. xian Says:

    Loved it. Pacing was excellent. Great story!

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