Voice over iPod?

voice-over-ipod.jpgRemember when I said that an iPod touch with wifi and Skype (or similar) would obviate the need for an iPhone?
Well, according to the unofficial Apple weblog, that day may be closer than ever:
> [iPod] touch hacker eok has ported Samuel’s SvSIP to the iPod. SvSIP uses the SIP protocol to connect to other participants and to allow you to talk over WiFi…. eok has been able to both send and receive calls and promises screen shots as soon as possible.


One Response to “Voice over iPod?”

  1. Cecil Vortex Says:

    mostly, I remember when you said “obviate,” and I was like, “AWESOME! I LOVE that word!” and then I missed the rest because I was so excited about the “obviate” part. So thanks for giving me a second chance on the iPod Touch bit.

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