Apps I've downloaded onto my iPhone so far

twitterific.pngTwitterific would like to use your current location!
Shazam didn’t recognize John Cage last night.
Facebook is slick.
OmniFocus is my new Obama.
Google app is weak (brings up a tiny serp?) but at least it exists.
Pandora would be perfect if faster and also not crashy.
You had me at NYTimes.
Loopt does what now?


3 Responses to “Apps I've downloaded onto my iPhone so far”

  1. Ryan Kennedy Says:

    Nice collection. Some of the ones I’ve tried and liked: BoxOffice (awesome use of geolocation to show you local movie times), AOL Radio (I can get some of my Bay Area radio stations when I’m on the road up to Sacramento) and Yelp (not great, but makes it easy to find nearby restaurants).
    Pandora is pretty great, although as you mention it’s not without some issues. Over EDGE on the drive to Sacramento it dropped quite a few times.

  2. Leisa Says:

    if the John Cage piece was 4′33″ that’s understandable 😉

  3. xian Says:

    Thanks for the tips, Ryan! local movie times and restaurant reviews sound like ideal mobile apps!
    I like the radio apps too. Back in the Walkman days I liked the ones that had FM as well as cassette.
    Yes, I am old.

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