Designing for Play (updated for Web Directions @media)

I gave the latest version of my Designing for Play talk at the @media conference (now run by the amazing John Allsopp / Maxine Sherrin team famed for their other fantastic Web Directions events) in London two weeks ago and was very pleased with the comments and feedback I got.

The sage Scott Berkun even gave me a pat on the back, as well as some useful constructive criticism (I was saying “um” a lot, as the audio will no doubt reveal – this is something I’ve worked on eliminating but I think in this case it was a “tell” that I am still feeling my way through this train of thought.)

Anyway, here is the latest version of the slides:

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2 Responses to “Designing for Play (updated for Web Directions @media)”

  1. Uncle Tom Says:

    Love “The Rules of the Inn.” Thinking of posting one when Aunt Carol goes away next week and I bring in a few wenches for a tankard or two. Can you change the “Noes” to “Yesses”? Also, my picture seemed badly cropped at the bottom–only three Noes showed. There must be more.

  2. Kirill Says:

    Thanks for sharing the slides. I use “umm” a lot, too. I think realizing that we do this is the first step in being able to remove it from occurring, though. Thanks again!

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