I like to watch things on TV

Recently Cecil aka Dan aka Cecil suggested that the Kincaid cover a Lou Reed song I’ve loved for quite some time, “Satellite of Love.” I’ve been working out a ukulele part and the other night in my hotel when I couldn’t sleep I spent some time putting together a quickie solo version of it:

Satellite of Love


2 Responses to “I like to watch things on TV”

  1. susan Says:

    On your site trawling for info about the Social Media Card Game and one thing led to another, and in time “I Love to Watch Things on TV” popped up as a related blog post. I didn’t dare *fully* hope it might refer to Satellite of Love. And was gratified to find not only a post about Satellite of Love, but your lovely rendition w/ukelele! Hope to hear Kinkaid sometime, doubly so if covering Lou songs.

    • xian Says:

      the other two Kincaids are rabid, rabid Lou Reed (and David Bowie) fans. I am a mere dilettante by comparison, but glad you liked the solo version.

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