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BT intent on his monitor

August 1, 2009

BT intent, originally uploaded by xian.

A snapshot of the evening entertainment last night at Yahoo! for the kickoff of the iPhoneDevCamp 3.

Building my sxsw schedule

March 7, 2009

gee and i've only met barlow once

January 3, 2009

gee and i’ve only met barlow once

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was JP Barlow idly doing the comparisons today, or is this more like secret-admirer spam?

Girl Talk at Yahoo!

September 13, 2008

Girl Talk at Yahoo!

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I do the white man’s overbite. Please @kentbrew, point that camera over at @cynk. ah. better. thnaks!

Open Hackday 08 begins

September 12, 2008

hackday stage

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I’m going to name the robots Foo and Bar. We still haven’t announced the musical act that will be performing on this stage tonight.

So far I’ve heard Cody Simms and Neal Sample (Cody and Neal, hmmm….) give a great overview of YOS (with great visuals by Micah Laaker), and am now listening to Allen Rabinovich explain how to hack with Flash and Flex.

At 2pm I’ll be talking about patterns and stencils and how they can help coders build better interfaces.

Ignite was fun

April 23, 2008

My Ignite talk, Grasping Social Patterns

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Here are my slides.

Audio when it’s available (video too).
UPDATE: and here’s some YouTube video shot from the audience (the very beginning of my talk is cut off):

Social design patterns slides from BayCHI last week

April 17, 2008

Here are my slides from my talk at Xerox Parc (the BayCHI monthly program meeting) on April 8th:

When I get the audio, I plan to put together a slidecast to synch the slides to the talk, which should be more valuable.
Oh, and consider viewing the slides in full-screen mode. They should be a lot more legible that way. I did my best to optimize the source files.

If I have to appear in Valleywag this is the way to go

March 8, 2008

team' return of the cobra kai' poses for its photo opp at Kick '08 at SxSW
Started off Saturday morning with Kick ’08.
Namedropping: Talked to George Kelly, Erin Malone, Anil Dash, Jessamyn West (yay!), Simon Willison, Owen Thomas, Hugh Forrest, Micah Alpern (briefly, passing on the escalator), Janna Hicks DeVylder so far….

I'm speaking on presence and reputation with Ted Nadeau at SxSW

February 14, 2008

meet_me_at_125x125.gifIf you’re interested in social web design, how to model identity, presence, and reputation, and how to create and align incentives with the behaviors you wish to encourage in your online community, then join Ted Nadeau and me for a Core Conversation on the topic of “Online Identity: And I *do* give a damn about my bad reputation” at South by Southwest interactive this March, in Austin, Texas (of course).
UPDATE: Alex Lee in the comments asked me when my talk is scheduled for. It’s on Tuesday, and I think it’s in the morning but not sure about. Will update with exact info when I have it.
UPDATE II: It seems that we will be doing our core conversation in a late slot (5pm) on the last day (Tuesday, March 11) of the interactive portion of the conference. I say if the conversation is good, let’s continue it into the evening over food and libations. Maybe we’ll even launch a startup over beer and barbecue.

Invasion of the *funny* snatchers, you mean

September 25, 2007

Mankind's Last Hope logo
Our survey of the zany madcap futuristic scenarios of the 21st century takes us now to the year 2055, where we will learn from “a post-apocalyptic workplace situation comedy” called Mankind’s Last Hope who conquered the human race, why, and what they’re keeping the remnants of our ragtag band of homo sapiens alive for (hint, it involves greeting cards, scrimshaw, and protein).
A while back my friends Dan aka Cecil aka Dan and Jeff “The Pompetus of dBase” Green collaborated on the aforementioned sitcom, writing a pilot and ultimately an entire first season. My participation has been limited to table reads and watching an early undress rehearsal of the theatrical staging of the first three episodes in play form by the Virago Theatre Company
These three episodes are now slated to open October 26 at Rhythmix Cultural Works (2513 Blanding Ave, Alameda) and run for two consecutive weekends.
Cecil aka Dan aka Cecil has more information on his bblog, where he also features a preview of the show’s new theme song, penned by erstwhile Stryker keybist Brent Jeffers, so you know that’s got to rock.
I always wanted to consume must-see TV filmed before a live studio audience and now that chance is coming mega-soon, as the kids will say in the year 2055, if there are any kids left alive.