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the midwestern lull

September 25, 2000

just checked all my mail a few times and the pipeline is really clear. it’s 10:48 east coast time, so the normal left coasters are not up yet and the midwest is not keeping up it’s time-share of the morning email traffic on planet earth, privileged north american division.

joyful, joyful

September 14, 2000

possibilities, freedom

fall is my spring

not meeting expectations
meeting needs
    feeling friction freely
but letting it slide

no control

limits unavoidable, a blessing

Uncle John's blog

September 1, 2000

Sheesh, it’s been a long time since i posted here. Proportion of too busy versus laying low I’m not sure exactly. Had I think my first bonding experience with an old white guy today, in the Servy’s coffee joint in the Spreckel Galleria next door. We both agreed that the labels on the half ‘n’ half and other milktypes thermoses (thermodes? quick, fetch me a Greek) were written in a typeface too small and hard to read. I lamented the disuse of ALL CAPS. He looked on me as a fellow aging guy. Have a good one, I said. You too, said he.

Have been posting an arbitrary cross section of the flood of Grateful Dead related articles and other URLs at the blog named above. I need to work out how to make it public-contributable without divulging my own passwords for my opublish site (I think it’s possible and I just need to RTFM in my “spare time”), and then if I edit/moderate/prune it, it could practically write itself (famous last words). It’s not threaded though, not for discussion, just supposed to be a useful recent collection of on cross section of my flux.

Note to self: Send Jennifer birthday card today….