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Get Your War On says time for us to come together

September 26, 2008

to kill all the bankers and steal their money:

Girl Talk at Yahoo!

September 13, 2008

Girl Talk at Yahoo!

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I do the white man’s overbite. Please @kentbrew, point that camera over at @cynk. ah. better. thnaks!

Design hacks with stencils and patterns

September 12, 2008

These are the slides I worked from today in my talk at Yahoo! Open Hack Day 08, Design Hacks with Stencils & Patterns:

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Open Hackday 08 begins

September 12, 2008

hackday stage

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I’m going to name the robots Foo and Bar. We still haven’t announced the musical act that will be performing on this stage tonight.

So far I’ve heard Cody Simms and Neal Sample (Cody and Neal, hmmm….) give a great overview of YOS (with great visuals by Micah Laaker), and am now listening to Allen Rabinovich explain how to hack with Flash and Flex.

At 2pm I’ll be talking about patterns and stencils and how they can help coders build better interfaces.