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Falling rain jig (electric rawk)

November 10, 2004

headphones on? falling rain, electric rawk remix.

Falling rain jig (old timey)

November 10, 2004

From English hymn to African-American spiritual to Fahey acoustic guitar blues to christmas carol to jazz piano to cabaret to falling rain version, another improvised arrangement on a theme.

G clef piano part arranged for ukulele and voice

October 1, 2004

Might also post this without my voice, because though the strums and plucks can be labored, there’s a reasonably successful set of parts, lead, counterpoint, bass, and chords all overdubbed by machines of loving grace.

No East or West (classic-rock uke take)

September 28, 2004

Add to my vocal take and Cecil’s sepulchral midi piano take (the “15-foot Christian” one) this reasonably crisp run-through of the melody on ukulele, processed to sound like electric guitar.
Note the hymn originally had a right-boring Anglican melody called St. Peter and this version is set to an African-American spiritual, hence its lovely pentatonic goodness.
Now I should compare the chords Cecil derived from my vocals to the chords of some sheet music I found online recently, which I’m trying to transcribe for my tenor uke.

Let's get Meta-phiz-sick-ill

May 5, 2004

great tase
less filling when i’m chill’n
dissing bob dylan*
while my radiator’s illin’
*see remix nightmare (land of toil and bluff mix), see also Metaphysical home[sic] Blooz Nos. 12 and 35 if only because of the stoopit name. And plus that’s what this post is about to, almost forgot.

Postcartesian Metaphysical Home[sic] Blues

May 5, 2004

Not knowing the real words to the Wesley-esque hymn transmitted to me through John Fahey’s Skip James-loving hands, I’ve made up some postcartesian lyrics of my own. Here’s a reference vocal take of all the verses.

No Outside

May 1, 2004

Cecil found the chords underlying my vocal, and has developed them in a new direction. I am having trouble matching his time (swing, swing) but it’s fun trying on this take of No Outside.

Or Outside

April 30, 2004

Cecil put his moneymaker where his If Jesus were an a capella song about himself, I’d like to think this is the song he’d be is.

In X

April 20, 2004

Here’s a vocal in search of some instrumental accompaniment in the obligatory MP3 as well as the (possibly more Cakewalk friendly?) AIFF format.