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Registered X-Pollen

June 30, 2002

Finally, a domain name that makes sense as a hub for all my other lame-o idears. First job, an antiweb blog listing…

No Nancy-Boy, He

June 29, 2002

Seems that Hunter S. Thompson was duped by Jerry Seinfeld’s Laszlo Toth-like alter ego Ted Nancy.

Origami Boulder

June 28, 2002

This site might be racist, might be hilarious. If you like pet rocks, you’ll love an origami boulder.

Xian is Not

June 27, 2002

Xian is not available to shipping addresses outside the United States
Xian is not the right choice for his role, he is terrible and has no charms whatsoever
the word “xian” is not meant to be demeaning or abusive, it’s just an abbreviation
Xian is not another Shanghai or Beijing
Xian is not only the gateway to the Northwest Region but also a hub of communications that links the East and the West
Xian is not about going solo
Xian is not advertised on the box
Xian is not obstructing the king
Xian is not a mere thug or warlord
Xian is not and acceptable replacement for Christian, it means you don’t want to say the name of our Savior
Xian is not the only one who tailors his ideas to fit his current situation
(maybe i should do bodega is and isn’t next?)

Get with the Bandwagon

June 27, 2002

Xian is available in powdered form
Xian is conveniently located just 40 minutes by car from the Xian International Airport.
Xian is a city encircled by massive grey stone walls, which are remarkably well preserved.
Xian is located in the central area of the Northwest of China, which is now the capital of Shaanxi Province of China.
touch xian
Xian is the connecting point between the western Region of China and the Middle Region of China both geographically and socially.
Xian is the first stop on the Silk Road…
Xian is said to be a cocktail of 15 plant extracts, including ginseng and liquorice.

Don't Think He Will Ever Mend

June 27, 2002

Rest in peace, John Entwhistle
(and, for that matter, Timothy White of Billboard—do rock deaths come in threes?)

Scary Fish

June 27, 2002

Don’t go in the water!

One Nation, Under Cthulhu…

June 26, 2002

A court has finally ruled that the “under God” part of the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional, according to this reports. Or, rather, that requiring schoolkids to say it is.

Precious Down Time

June 25, 2002

I expect to do a bunch less posting in the next few weeks. I’m trying to take some time off, some time away from the computer. When I’m at the computer, I’d like to do some organizing and consolidating so I don’t feel so scattered and don’t keep maintaining umpteen blogs.
In the meantime, I doubt this Two Towers trailer needs my pointer.

Jeanty at Jack's

June 23, 2002

Thursday night we took a friend out for a belated birthday dinner at Jeanty at Jack’s in SF. Had a very rich, meat-filled dinner, after starting off with a martini and a sancerre (sp?). We shared three appetizers: lamb tongue with potato salad, veal marrow with frisee, and fried pork belly (um) also in a salad. B then had the veal osso bucco, D had the daube (a kind of beef stew), while I had the cassoulet with duck drumstick, fennel sausage, and bacon. We had a nice “big” French red with dinner, I forget the details, and shared some kind of cake, I think, for desert. What an indulgence!
Been decompressing from the work overload and looking at all the messes around me, unpaid bills, and so on. The Sunday paper’s book review always depresses me, stirring up an inner taunt about what I haven’t achieved, literarily, thus far.