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Microformats blog and wiki launch

June 29, 2005

Tantek (among others?) has launched a site to promote XHTML-based microformats as a microcontent solution building on existing standards.
(Boy, poking my head into Yahoo 360 sure gets me up to speed on industry buzz quickly. Then again, that’s more a function of the social network I brought with me and a bit of currentness – currency – working together).
Anyway, check out the microformats wiki to see the formats being discussed so far, currently including

  • hCalendar
  • hCard
  • RelLicense
  • RelNoFollow
  • RelTag
  • VoteLinks
  • XFN
  • XMDP
  • XOXO

Other formats, including hReview (I’ve been looking for a unified review data model for quite some time – so we can make a distributed “epinions”-type network out of the world’s blogs), are under discussion as draft specifications.

Yahoo launches My Web 2.0 beta

June 29, 2005

My Web 2.0 looks like some kind of taglicious social search engine.

When to use wikis

June 29, 2005

As the LA Times seemed to have learned, perhaps editorials aren’t the best context for publicly editable wiki-ing.
Wikis seem to work best when used to build a repository of information by people who share a common goal or ethos.
I wrote about this last week at Personal Democracy Forum in an article my editors entitled “Wikis: Productivity or Plague?”

Get paid in iTunes to create blog buzz

June 28, 2005

My sysadmin just pointed me to this listing at craigslist in New York: Bloggers needed – $300 per month.
They pay with PayPal too. Sounds like a blend of the Marquis experiment and the Bzz Agent concept. Wonder who the payer is?


June 21, 2005

What makes someone park their big-ass 4×4 across two spaces clearly marked “COMPACT” in the parking lot of my office building?
Probably the same thing that would make someone write ASSWIPE on a post-it and put it under their windshield wiper facing in.

LA Times 'wikitorials' vandalized, taken down

June 21, 2005

It seems that the wiki got slashdotted, which lead to pr0n being posted (goatse, I wonder?), and the site being removed in response: Full Circle Online Interaction Blog: LA Times WikiTorial Update – vandalized.
(via Nancy White, via Weblogsky)

Technorati's makeover goes live

June 21, 2005

Technorati has unveiled a much more end-user friendly front page. I don’t think I see the word “cosmos” anywhere!
But the second most popular search is “Sifry”? Maybe they need to give Dave his own sandbox so he doesn’t keep skewing the result sets.
I’m just keeding. I kid, I kid… because I love.
Maybe I should get around to claiming the rest of my umpteen blogs there and updating my profile.
Good luck to the Techorati crew and congratulations!

Blog survey

June 19, 2005

The MIT Media Lab is conducting a weblog survey.
You can read more about the survey and its methodology on their Information page.
(via the Well)


June 17, 2005

In the POM book I talk about a technology practice that I refer to as ARM, meaning “activist relationship management,” modeled on the idea of CRM (customer relationship management). ARM is big business these days (see Personal Democracy Forum’s coverage of the flap over ARM vendor Convio’s policies regarding who they will work with as customers).
All of these various *RM concepts can be loosely related together under the heading of GRM or group relationship management. Over on Weblogsky, Jon Lebkowsky is exploring the idea of Weblogsky: Group Relationship Management, which keeps cropping up in the online discussions of activist technology, CivicSpace, CiviCRM, and related topics.

It's a beautiful day

June 17, 2005

The view from ExtractableTraffic was light today on the way to San Mateo, so my commute took only about 35 minutes instead of the usual 40 to 50. First Sunday of the summer. I snapped this photo from my window with my new phone (just switched from Verizon to Cingular and will save money in the process).