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Interview on the Well about Designing Social Interfaces

October 30, 2009

bluelogo144x60This week we’ve begun a two-week-long interview in the Well’s public Inkwell conference. The interview is being led by Jon Lebkowsky my friend and longtime co-host of the Well’s blog conference.

The cool thing about these interviews is that because they take two weeks and are published “live” they can cover a lot of interesting tangents, and so far Jon (along with Well denizens who’ve read the book, such as Brian Dear) has been asking me great, probing questions.

Gail Williams, an online community expert in her own right, has already quoted one of my throwaway lines:

“a filing cabinet has a user interface but a telephone is a social interface”

Even if you aren’t a member of the Well (and why aren’t you?), you can submit questions for the interview via [an email address that I’ll track down and post here pronto].

Happy blog day to me

October 30, 2009

Boy was I smart to start my first real blog on my birthday (in ’97). It sure helps keep things straight around here. Somehow along the way I turned 45. What. The. Fuck?

Now, in honor of the kind of manic blogging I used to do before the twitter and the employment, I will actually make two blog posts in one day thank you thank you.

Down in the Blue Mountains

October 28, 2009

teeny falls

Originally uploaded by true dirt

Briggs took some wonderful pictures in Oz. This one’s from the rainy day we climbed down the ravines in the Blue Mountains.

Designing social interfaces at Web Directions South 2009

October 12, 2009

I had a great time presenting at Web Directions South 2009. J.J. Halans took some wonderful photos at the event, such as the one showing the Where’s Waldo slide (above) and this one (showing Erin’s awesome visualization behind me):

The slides by themselves are only part of the story of course but I’ve just posted them to slideshare (now synced with the audio podcast to make a “slidecast”):

Designing Social Interfaces at Web Directions South 2009

Here’s the podcast:

You may find Matt Balara’s sketchnotes (first page, second page) useful as well:

Or check out Daniel Bogan’s one-page sketchnotes!

Ukulele for geeks: secrets of the pentatonic scales

October 8, 2009

My Ignite Sydney talk last night was fun (for me, at least). Here are my slides:

Here are a few audience shots. The first is from a warmup:


This one is from the actual talk:


Dag, my chrome dome has almost completely breached the pate-fringe!