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Map sketches from over the Pacific

November 21, 2009

san francisco peninsula

(san francisco peninsula)

new york harbor

(new york harbor)

butterfly bay

(san francisco bay)

old man west

(western north america)

bering tickler

(bering straits)

Video of Uke for Geeks talk at Ignite Sydney

November 16, 2009

A month or so ago I posted my slides and some photos from my Ignite Sydney talk. Today I just noticed that the video was up on YouTube (yays).

Unfortunately, there’s a person’s head obscuring the view of the ukulele for most of my talk, and I kind of start ignoring the slides after a while, but this came out fairly well!

(In the Pecha Kucha version of this talk last week, I think I was able to track a little more closely to the slides, so this is sort of an evolving thing.)

p.s.: for the other great speakers from a very fun, raucous evening in Sydney, check out Ignite Sydney 3 Speakers.

Ukulele for Geeks, live in Tokyo

November 12, 2009

(A few snaps of my talk from the Tokyo 2.0 PechaKucha night the other evening.)