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Miscellaneous tweetage

August 10, 2009

one unbook technique: put your book on github…

lovingly hunting for bugs in the pattern library’s new design on the staging server

omg! this Pattern Language of Group Process project/site/thing is amazing… need to dig into it further.

wow, i’m acting like a loose cannon online these days… take a step back from the keyboard, self…!

where does palin stand on fluoride in the water?

I see another article in the current ASIS&T bulletin recommends that UIs “Talk Like a Person”:

the last three oyster (of 110). we cooked the Hama-hamas, at the kumamotos and fanny bays and others raw.

Good day for Twitter favorites

August 7, 2009

MaryHodder: RT @zephoria: “Are You F*cking Kidding Me?” is a hysterical song about Facebook/Twitter by Kate Miller-Heidke

steveportigal: Delish: Sherry Turkle is Professor of the Social Studies of Science and Technology at MIT and a sociologi..

laughingsquid: hilarious @parislemon didn’t like @songadaymann’s @bing jingle, so @songadaymann made one about him

davegray: This book I am working on is gonna KICK ASS!

cwodtke: @bokardo

nwjerseyliz: Has anyone tried Muuter ( Tagline: “Because we get tired of noisy twitters too…”

joshu: delicious, fix the popular algos. nytimes should not be here: … happy to tweet algo in case you forgot.

Google, you got me all wrong!

August 7, 2009

google thinks I’m part of the denial of service attack

Space blues redux

August 7, 2009

You Don’t Love Me (Live 1971) by The Allman Brothers Band

Big Day At The Bay by The Mermen

Mannish Boy by Jimi Hendrix

Hodgepodgery on Twitter today

August 6, 2009

The “End of Politics” Delusion (via @cascio)

exciting day: looking at QC1 (“galley proofs”) of 10 chapters of DSI + pushing the new pattern library design to beta server (cross fingers)

trying to seat 9 without a reservation… score! (@ Dishdash Restaurant in Sunnyvale)

RT @benwerd: The Twitter denial of service and single points of failure: #diso #identica (via @chrismessina)

Favorited from Twitter to remember to read

August 6, 2009

chrismessina: RT @benwerd: The Twitter denial of service and single points of failure: #diso #identica

kevinmarks: Here’s the press release about me joining BT as VP of Web Services, working with @jobsworth and @ribbit

bobulate: Recommended: Stop what you’re doing and read this. Words to watch: flames, awesome, unicorns, beer coasters, honor.

Still with that spacey blues theme apparently

August 6, 2009

Celebration by Courtney Wing

Seasonal by Brian Deer

White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane

I’m So Glad by Eric Clapton

Gold And Silver [Instrumental] by Quicksilver Messenger Service

This day worth of tweets would have read better in chronological order instead of the reverse

August 5, 2009

amazing visualization of the power of github (ht @sh1mmer)

another man shooting up a roomful of women? fucking shit

rt: for just showing tweets, Twitter has a widget you can customize ( Otherwise: (via @jwphillips)

wha are the best twitter plugin for wordpress?

I’m good at saying what I’m thinking and I’m good at figuring things out. what else?

Twitter is a memetic petri dish. (via @rworkman, see!)

hmm, I was hoping for a little more context there @delicious

They're called favorites for a reason

August 5, 2009

SarahKSilverman: Goddamnit! I am so sick of paying top dollar for mustache rides.

jlangdale: RT @mashable Teens Don’t Tweet RT @jedijunkie: Also, Boy’s don’t cry, the numbers don’t lie, and Homie don’t play that.

bobulate: What makes a good editor? RT Regarding saying no, the personal agenda, and edifying editing: (via @thatwhichmatter)

brianoberkirch: My hair turned so gray over the past few years it looks like I’ve been wrassling lightning. (p.s., I won.)

Visualizing the impact of Git

August 5, 2009

Ruby on Rails