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April 30, 2005

Quoting from dashLicious:

dashLicious is a Dashboard widget that “implements a post to your account on the fabulous web service created by Joshua Schachter. dashLicious is optimised for Safari and NetNewsWire users. When you enter into the dashboard dashLicious will automatically populate the url and description fields from either Safari or NetNewsWire (and will allow you to toggle between the two inputs).”

I’m waiting for the early adopters to kick the tires on Tiger, but stuff like this is making me drool.

Putting people first in technology

April 30, 2005

Quoting from How to interest more girls in tech careers at Misbehaving:

Jacquelynne Eccles, a University of Michigan psychologist, says that girls steer away from careers in math, science and engineering because they view them as solitary pursuits: “In order to increase the number of women in science, we also need to make young women more interested in these fields, and that means making them aware that science is a social endeavor that involves working with and helping people.”

See: Why Women Shy Away from Careers in Science and Math (via Mind Hacks)

Frankly, we all benefit if technology is viewed as a social, people-centric pursuit and not just another expression of the lone-genius slash auteur slash mad-scientist meme.

The Yahoo! 360 Product blog

April 29, 2005

With Yahoo! 360º – Yahoo! 360 Product Blog, the Yahoo 360 team is eating its own dogfood in public, but can any group of people (or Yahoo! Group) have its own blog there, or is this just a custom work-around?

There must be five ways to quit your day job

April 29, 2005

Five tips on How to make money from your blog:

  1. Sell advertising
  2. Help sell others’ products
  3. Solicit contributions
  4. Market your services
  5. Deepen your existing customer relationships

I’s mostly a Tip 4 kind of guy with a bit of Tip 5 mixed in. Unless you count the incredibly lucrative Google ads, that is. Croesus ain’t in it.

Chris Nolan on 'The Stand Alone Journalist' at PressThink

April 29, 2005

Chris Nolan guested a week or so at PressThink with The Stand Alone Journalist is Here…. Be sure to read if you’re interested in the impact of blogging and syndication on journalism.

Assessing blog authority

April 29, 2005

Summarizing from How To Measure A Blogger’s Popularity And Reach: The Big Jump – Robin Good’ Sharewood Tidings:

  1. Check her Technorati standing.
  2. [F]ind out (not always possible, but you can also ask directly) how many subscribers the online publication has.
  3. Check whether the person makes her traffic statistics publicly viewable.
  4. Do some basic Google searches and see whether an official bio/profie exist for this person.
  5. Check the number of search results found for the name of that person when searched for within quotes.
  6. If the person has a web site check the site popularity by using the excellent toolkit from Marketleap.
  7. Check how popular are the issues and topics discussions she gets involved in.
  8. Check whether the person has been covered by local news media in her country.
  9. Check whether the person has been covered by international news media outside of his native country and identify specific sources and mentions received over time.

Mac OS X "Tiger" to ship with built-in blog system?

April 29, 2005

Quoting from Blogging and Ping-O-Matic built into Mac OS X “Tiger”

In Ping-O-Matic in Blojsom we learn that Tiger will ship with Blojsom, a Java based mutli-user blogging system. And Blojsom has built in support for Ping-O-Matic.


I wonder how Apple will package it up. Will blogging be one of the sleeper features in Tiger?

A year ago I couldn't even spell jernalist

April 29, 2005

Today I are one! OK, I’ve dabbled in journalism before, but it’s been a while and it was mostly in the tech trade press. Today my first article has been published at Personal Democracy Forum, Meetup Says Put Up or Shutdown:

On April 12, dropped a bomb on its users: the online group organizing service announced that it would now charge group organizers monthly fees. The notification has forced political campaigns and issue advocacy groups to consider alternative methods for mobilizing their supporters. It’s already prompted an exodus among some organizers who have since resigned from their roles managing Meetup groups.
The previously free Web service is widely credited with helping Howard Dean’s Democratic Presidential campaign spread virally, and take its online mojo offline into local communities across the U.S. But now Meetup needs to develop a sustainable revenue stream, and its decision to charge group organizers using the system to schedule and promote local, in-person meetings has been a hard pill for many to swallow.

Go over there and read the rest!

Did everybody forget their passwords?

April 28, 2005

The Guardian (UK) has a go at Arianna Huffington’s new celebrity group blog: With friends like these …
(via the Well’s blog conference)

The yellow crud

April 28, 2005

Maybe I deserve to be struck down after a nearly weeklong run of bliss and fine weather in New Orleans but I find myself coughing up something nasty and feeling like napping today.