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Blog journal artifact 2000

July 31, 2003

After starting a flatfile online journal in 1997, dabbling with pitas as a collaborative writing space with syrup, and writing a short-lived sequel to breathing room at diaryland, s finally twigged me to blogger, and shallows (aka, shallow breathing) was my first abortive attempt at using this new kind of weblog-posting tool. Definitely a false start, but there’s some naive enthusiasm there, getting a hit of the blog bug.
I’m posting via the old backend one more time to force out an export file of the handful of posts there, so I can import them into X-POLLEN for posterity. I’ll give them their own category, as I did with the bodega posts, and see how they fit into the overall flow. I wanted a link from here to X-POLLEN for anyone in the future who might be trying to follow this path forward instead of backward, but I already set this up to output the MT export style, but who knows maybe I’ll rig it back up one more time to psit out at xianlandia before killing off the Blogger version of this thing. (Why not, the original will be archived at the old address, the entries join my concatenated archive, and otherwise it’s just taking up space on Blogger’s free servers and bloating their user numbers?)
(For the time being the most recently imported entries are the earliest ones in the blog, starting with this one.)

the midwestern lull

September 25, 2000

just checked all my mail a few times and the pipeline is really clear. it’s 10:48 east coast time, so the normal left coasters are not up yet and the midwest is not keeping up it’s time-share of the morning email traffic on planet earth, privileged north american division.

joyful, joyful

September 14, 2000

possibilities, freedom

fall is my spring

not meeting expectations
meeting needs
    feeling friction freely
but letting it slide

no control

limits unavoidable, a blessing

Uncle John's blog

September 1, 2000

Sheesh, it’s been a long time since i posted here. Proportion of too busy versus laying low I’m not sure exactly. Had I think my first bonding experience with an old white guy today, in the Servy’s coffee joint in the Spreckel Galleria next door. We both agreed that the labels on the half ‘n’ half and other milktypes thermoses (thermodes? quick, fetch me a Greek) were written in a typeface too small and hard to read. I lamented the disuse of ALL CAPS. He looked on me as a fellow aging guy. Have a good one, I said. You too, said he.

Have been posting an arbitrary cross section of the flood of Grateful Dead related articles and other URLs at the blog named above. I need to work out how to make it public-contributable without divulging my own passwords for my opublish site (I think it’s possible and I just need to RTFM in my “spare time”), and then if I edit/moderate/prune it, it could practically write itself (famous last words). It’s not threaded though, not for discussion, just supposed to be a useful recent collection of on cross section of my flux.

Note to self: Send Jennifer birthday card today….

need something more like a

July 13, 2000

need something more like a ‘klog (bac)klog, that is…

i grow old, i… (part one)

June 27, 2000

talking to a colleague the other day, i casually mentioned the wimp-rock band America from the early-mid-late-early-mid-’70s and got a blank stare. She pretended to recognize “Horse with No Name” but man did I feel old. She asked me, guardedly, “How old are you… if you don’t mind me asking?” 35, I told her, going on 36. “You don’t look it.” (Another colleague from this company had guessed my age at 28 — the average there is 24, so that’s probably biasing the guesses.)
“I’m going bald as fast as I can!” I protested. She gasped and burst out laughing. Timing, I tell you. Time-ING.

playin' head-cut-off chicken

June 27, 2000

insanity reigns. when was the last time i updated still breathing? – i guess i ought to since i have another theft to report! i must be getting sloppy, something to worry about. i’m a bachelor this week and in past years i’d have goofed off from my freelance life, and spent a lot of time on the hammock and looking for rents in the patchwork of my soul. this week i’m spending it insanely writing copy for a website client of a consultancy where i’m what they call a “content strategist,” while also helping to finish the recommended strategy for the clients’ user experience (i’m learning hell of jargon on a going forward basis), while also trying to get my act together for high sierra and my first kimogical fix in months. i haven’t danced with abandon in i don’t know how long.

i did recently get a bunch of cool snapshots turned into cd photos and i’ll post them at my site when i get a breather (ha!).

if it was a snake it'd'a bit me

June 22, 2000

ok ok i found the orange publish button. i swear it wasn’t there before… this is going to be fun

blog at last blog at last thank godamighty i'm blogged at last

June 22, 2000

so… after you do Post but not Post & Publish, how do you Publish what you Posted? …

my first try ran into security problems over at ezone… so now i’ve moved this all to opublish (like you care)… it’s chogablog from here on out!

i plug you, you blog me, we're a hypey family

March 8, 2000

spying on syrup’s home page earned me one blush for her kind plug of my occasional breathing exercises that i can’t resist thinking of as dairyland and one cool new thing in the form of this blogger program. i’m so glad that free automated web thingies are evolving at such a cool rate. i have to ask sarah how she inlined hers. mang!